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  • [The Kitchen Features] That Add the Most Value to Your Home
    Kitchen Features
    It’s often said but never truer: the kitchen is the heart of the home. In today’s open-floor home designs, the kitchen takes center stage as the place where the family’s lifestyle starts. Kitchens are the most important selling point for homebuyers, according to, and homes listed with “luxury kitchens” sell faster and command a higher selling price than similar-sized homes in the same ZIP code.

    Kitchens on Top

    It’s no wonder then that interior designers find the greatest demand for their services in remodeling kitchens. Some 80 percent of home remodeling projects take place in the kitchen, according to the National Association of Home Builder’s Remodeling Market Index Survey. And they account for more than one-third of the total $72.2 billion spent on discretionary home improvement projects – as distinguished from replacement
    Aug 10, 2018
  • Collection Of Tips And Advice From [Renovation Experts]
    kitchen renovation san diego
    Remodeling a home isn’t easy to do and it’s something that homeowners tackle all the time. Instead of trying to do the work all on your own, do yourself a favor and get help from the experts. Below are some of the most common tips from kitchen remodeling experts in San Diego, CA about fixing up different areas of your home. Use these tips to help you avoid making mistakes and to get the best results out of your next project.

    Take Measurements Carefully

    Accurate measurements are crucial to any remodeling project and is something that kitchen remodeling experts in San Diego, CA take really seriously. Make sure that you measure all your material needs very accurately or you’ll end up with the wrong amount of materials and spend more than you should on your project.

    Plan Fully Before Beginning

    Take the time to fully plan out any San Diego
    Jun 12, 2018
  • Remodeling Your San Diego Kitchen [18 Easy Design Ideas]
    5 Day Remodel is located in the heart of sunny San Diego, California. Clearly, we specialize in the home improvement field, but today our focus is on specifically the space where you are spending a lot of time in, your kitchen. What we strive to do is get your renovations done in 5 days. Sounds pretty amazing if you have ever been through a remodel before during a home improvement project. What you can expect while remodeling your San Diego home with us is the ability to create the remodel of your dreams with our extensive resources, staff, and contractors that are remodeling experts in the San Diego area. Our team of dedicated professionals will manage the project entirely from start to finish. We provide you with all the necessary services for your remodels ranging from the design, supplies, and of course the installation. We leave
    Dec 23, 2017
  • Give your bathroom design a boost with an inspirational bathroom remodel ideas
    A bathroom is a small space, but it deserves careful planning. Apart from cleanliness and a comfortable atmosphere, it should have a ton of functionality and flexibility. Whether you are planning for a new bathroom or remodeling an older one, you should keep in mind that a bath remodel is expensive.

    So, when considering going through bathroom renovation in San Diego CA, you should consider:
    - Bathroom ideas that are popular and in trend.
    - Consider your space available.
    - Materials that you should incorporate.
    - Your budget and costs.

    San Diego bathroom remodeling experts have a high level of designing and installation expertise. These kitchen and bath experts understand how important a beautiful, attractive and functional bathroom is for your house. So with little planning, give your bath a boost with the following inspirational bathroom
    Nov 16, 2017
  • Kitchen and bath experts can help make your vision a reality for your home
    Remodeling your bathroom and kitchen can transform your home and create a brand new feeling when you walk into a redesigned space. However, the expensive products and high-end fixtures won’t mean anything if your space is not properly planned out. Kitchen and bath experts should be hired as they can create a beautiful and functional space that will surely compliment your design aesthetics. We will make your vision and dream a reality and will come up with something that will be new and attractive for your home.

    Seeking help from San Diego bathroom remodeling experts is wise because:

    They are experienced
    Wiring and plumbing work can be dangerous without proper knowledge and skill. A kitchen and bathroom remodeling expert has extensive experience doing all aspects of kitchen and bath remodeling. They can take up any issues related to
    Nov 07, 2017