• 5 Cost Effective Kitchen Renovation Ideas


    Renovating any part of your house freshens p your home. But the process of renovation is not an easy one. In order to renovate any part of your house, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best available options. Renovation may mean different things to different people. For someone, renovation may just be changing the color of the room or maybe just changing the flooring. Some people may want a complete change of the room's appearance and decide to go for a complete makeover of the room.

    Kitchen Renovation:

    The kitchen is as important an area of a house as the living room. When you invite someone for dinner, the kitchen is the area that appeals the guests. That's why it is very important to make sure that your kitchen is beautiful and attractive to everyone.

    Many aspects of the kitchen can be renovated to make it look new and beautiful. Right from changing the flooring to the doors of the cabinet to the counters, everything can give a different appeal to the kitchen and make it soothing to the eye. But if you need to stay within a tight budget, you may need to limit what you renovate. Try these few ideas to make your kitchen look absolutely new without spending much in its renovation.

    Tip #1: Redoing the Kitchen Counter

    Counters, especially in an open kitchen, create big impact on the look of the kitchen. Using expensive stones like granite or marble can make your kitchen look good but for many they can be extremely out of budget. As an alternative, consider quartz, which is available in a variety of colors and textures and can make your kitchen counters look new and attractive. Also, it is extremely durable so you can put all your heavy pots on it without any fear of breaking it.

    Tip #2: Kitchen Cabinets

    Another low-budget investment that you can make in your cupboards' appearance is changing the cabinet doors. Just by changing the look of the doors, the area starts looking prettier and newer. People will definitely see a difference in your kitchen and you wouldn't even have spend much in it.

    If in case you do not wish to buy new cabinet doors for your kitchen, you can even paint the existing ones colors or install new hardware to give them a fresh look.

    Tip #3: Spectacular Sinks

    Another effective way to make your kitchen look for attractive without creating a hole in your pocket is by changing the sink. If you have a white enameled sink installed in the house, its discoloration and scratches detract from the look of your kitchen. While choosing the sink, purchase the correct size for opening in the countertop and the right style and color to harmonize with your kitchen.

    Tip #4: Back to Backsplashes

    Backsplash is that place in your kitchen where you can experiment with design, colour and pattern. In order to make your kitchen attractive, you can create some interesting tiles such as porceline subway tile which would do the work for you within your budget. Also, because it is available in so many colours, you are sure to find the perfect look for your kitchen.

    Tip #5: Change the Flooring

    Flooring is the most visible part of the kitchen apart from the platform and cabinets. Having a nice flooring increases the appeal of your kitchen and makes it look more soothing. The most important criteria to choose a flooring is that it should be able to take the heavy foot traffic over it. There are a lot of flooring options for kitchens available in the market one can choose from.

    Hence, do use these five tips while renovating your kitchen the next time.

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