• 6 Signs it’s Time to Remodel Your San Diego Kitchen

    While some may say that quality ingredients are crucial for gourmet home food, home chefs know that having a great looking and functional kitchen is a major part of a chef’s inspiration. As such, many San Diego homeowners are always looking for ways to remodel and update the style of their kitchens. If you’re still sitting on the fence on whether to remodel your San Diego kitchen, here are 6 reasons why you should engage a professional remodeling contractor now.

    #1: Your cabinets were built awkwardly
    Perhaps you’re a new house owner in San Diego and it seems like the previous owners just had a weird idea of how their cabinets should look like. You find an odd cabinet jutting out here, or shelves that are too high to reach yet too shallow to store anything. A remodeling project can help you obtain balanced-looking custom kitchen cabinets.

    #2: Your counter-tops are beyond repair
    Synthetic or natural, counter-tops are never immune from damages, so we can usually live with a few scratches or watermarks on the surface. But if you find an uncountable number of scratches on your solid surface counter-tops that cannot be removed, or your laminate counter-tops start to warp or blister, it’s a good indication that it’s time to remodel.

    #3: Your kitchen looks like it’s stuck in the past
    Many homes in San Diego were indeed built in the 1970s or 1950s – even in the 1920s. While some kitchens are preserved from that vintage elegance or quaintness, most of the time they just look like they’re stuck in a previous era and don’t belong in the present. Remodeling and updating the décor of your kitchen can greatly lift the overall style of your home.

    #4: The style of your kitchen doesn’t fit the rest of your home
    Due to the sheer amount of cabinetry work in a kitchen, it often is the last place to be remodeled in San Diego houses. But after taking much creative work to synchronize the overall home theme, the kitchen might stick out like a sore thumb. It is in fact a central area that deserves just as much remodeling attention as the other parts of your home.

    #5: You want a more functional kitchen
    Sometimes, having additional cabinets or pantries might not be enough for kitchen dwellers who are looking for more functionality in the place. Remodeling creates the opportunity to exercise creativity and build a kitchen that you desire from scratch. You can even get down to the specifics to get the perfect kitchen for your San Diego home.

    #6: Everything seems cluttered no matter how you organize
    A lack of space is usually the reason for a kitchen that looks cluttered. This is definitely the case for smaller and compact kitchens in San Diego. A popular remodeling solution is to build more storage options so that lesser used items can be stashed away easily. Build storage cabinets in unused areas to maximize space and utilize your kitchen for its worth.

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