• 7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Watch In 2016

    In recent years, trends have been changing quite frequently and with these changing trends, people also feel the need to remodel their homes frequently, especially their kitchens. Changing the cabinets can quickly update a kitchen.
    It can be really difficult to choose the best cabinets for the kitchen because of the large variety available in the market. Here are a few most trendy kitchen cabinets that are extremely popular this year.
    Custom Kitchen Cabinet
    If your house is remodeled on the basis of a specific theme and you want your kitchen cabinet to be tailored in the same way, a lot of companies now do that for you. No matter what patterns, shape or size you want your cabinet to be, the companies will take care of all your needs.
    Subtle Design
    If you want a cabinet design that lasts for a long time, then you should consider glass cabinet doors. Their evergreen style goes perfectly, especially with black and white kitchens.
    Shaker Style
    This is yet another trendy cabinet design for 2016. Shaker cabinets enhance the beauty of the wood so much so that one can never really get bored with it. These cabinets come in a variety of patterns but the most popular ones are the square cabinets.
    Variety of Colors
    In the recent years, white and grey colored cabinets have become quite popular among home owners. Despite the distinct color, they complement a modern as well as contemporary style kitchen equally. One can experiment with these colors much more than the routine sealed wood cabinets.
    Functional Design
    Another very important facet that one needs to keep in mind while choosing the cabinet is its functional design or its capacity to store the required things. If a kitchen cabinet is designed cleverly, it would take up lesser space and yet give you a lot of storage.
    Cabinet Orientation
    For a long time, vertical kitchen cabinets have been installed in a lot of houses. But in 2016, the trend has changed and a lot of people have started preferring horizontal cabinets for the simple reason that they provide more storage and make your kitchen look cleaner and more refined.
    Tech Perspective
    A lot of home owners have been wanting to make their kitchen as tech friendly as any other place in the house and hence they are opting for cabinets that provide the facilities like in-built charging stations and tablet holders.
    Consider these trendy ideas for your kitchen cabinet before choosing the best one for your house.
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