Historically, Anderson has emphasized engineered flooring for its durability, efficiency and versatility. The 5-ply construction was first developed by Anderson's founder, L.W. Anderson and is still used today as the industry standard. The construction method alternates the grain structure of five separate wood plies to create aAnderson Firsts product that rivals the strength of steel and uses half as much wood as solid floors. This process makes the most of each log while increasing strength and durability up to 100 percent. Anderson was the first flooring company to provide consumers with easy "no wax" maintenance by developing environmentally friendly Freedom Finish™ that fills in wood pores and grain. Anderson was also the first to introduce Pecan, Beech and Southern Elm flooring, and the first to develop a urethane finish. RhinoPoly Finish® is marketed through Anderson's line and now has aluminum oxide crystals for an even tougher finish. The introduction of aluminum oxide finishes by Anderson revolutionized pre-finished hardwood floors by creating the most durable, stain-resistant hardwood floor finishes on the market. Other Anderson innovations include Luster-Lock™, the company's proprietary smooth, gloss-retention surface, and the exclusive Eagle Tongue and Groove system for easier installation. Anderson is still making great strides and leading the way in the hardwood floor industry. Anderson uses a design council made up of designers from around the country to study current and future trends in style and fashion. Being on the cutting edge is just another way Anderson brings its customers the latest and best in hardwood flooring. With more than 60 years of experience and innovation, Anderson continues to use its quality processes and excellent craftsmanship to produce its unique designs. It's obvious in every floor built and every compliment an Anderson customer receives.