• Bathroom Decor - 3 Top Bathroom Flooring Options at a Glance

    Bathrooms are an integral part of a home. There are many colors, styles and materials when it comes to bathrooms and bathroom flooring options. While looking at bathroom flooring options, the most important thing that one has to accommodate is the presence of large amounts of water in the area. If going for bathroom renovation San Diego, keeping all factors in mind is very important. Ensuring that the flooring and the interiors of the bathroom are low-maintenance and will not be damaged despite constant exposure to moisture is the major factor.Bathroom flooring options should coordinate with decor when undertaking a bathroom remodel San Diego. From decor to the fixtures and every part of the room needs to be water resistant.

    A few bathroom flooring options are:
    Tile Flooring:

    Porcelain tiles are a very cost effective bathroom flooring option. They come in a huge variety of options, and are highly durable. There are ceramic tiles as well that should be looked at. The difference between the two is that of water absorption. Ceramic tiles are a better option when doing bathroom remodel San Diego and when there is a bathing space involved. However, you can go for porcelain tiles when it comes to powder rooms since the water exposure in these places will be relatively much less.

    Stone Flooring:

    Another bathroom flooring option when doing a bathroom renovation San Diego is stone. It may not be as cost effective as tile, but you will not face any moisture problems when it comes to stone. Whether granite, limestone, marble or any other kind of stone flooring option, moisture won't harm it. Going for a textured stone like slate will reduce its slipperiness. Stone is a great bathroom flooring option that can be used in a bathroom renovation San Diego, given the natural colors and hues that it comes in. The variation that is present is huge and will add a very earthy touch to the room.

    Vinyl Flooring:

    When talking of bathroom flooring options, how can one miss vinyl? When doing a bathroom remodel San Diego and looking at lower-cost bathroom flooring options, vinyl should be seriously considered as many can install it themselves. In rooms where there will a lot of water used, vinyl as flooring is very feasible. Laundry rooms or a children's bathroom where there will be a lot of water using vinyl tiles will prove to exceptionally useful. Vinyl is a great option for a bathroom remodel San Diego because it can fit into any budget.

    Flooring in the bathrooms should be selected after keeping everything in mind such as your personal style. That is why it is advisable to go through all options before settling on any.
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