• Bathroom Designs with Ceramic Tile


    A lot of people tend to renovate their bathrooms in every 7 to 10 years. One of the major reasons is that because there is so much water used in the bathrooms. The stains it leaves on flooring or wall tiles makes bathrooms appear dingy. Others seek a different look and feel for their bathroom.

    Redecorating a bathroom includes a lot of decisions about the flooring, paint, bathtub and sink, among other things. Since most people renovate the bathroom once a decade, you may find new varieties of designs every time you visit a home improvement store or peruse a home decor magazine. Choosing the perfect flooring is as important as taking any other decision. There are many flooring options available in the markets that are suitable for bathrooms, but among all the options, ceramic tiles are used widely.

    Ceramic Tiles for your Bathroom

    Ceramic tiles have a lot of advantages over any other flooring option and hence it is preferred more.

    1. It meets one of the most important requirements for bathrooms, that is: slip resistance. Since bathroom floors frequently become wet, it is very important that people do not fall or slip on them. Ceramic flooring is one of the popular choices in this regard.

    2. Ceramic flooring is not just slip resistant, but also waterproof. This mean that unlike carpet, which absorbs water, ceramic flooring repels water and is stain resistant.

    3. Ceramic flooring is available in a variety of sizes which makes it very easy to install over any bathroom surface. This flooring can be cut to fit in every nook and cranny of your bathroom. It can be cut into small square or curved pieces according to the requirements of the bathroom.

    4. Because your bathroom gets exposed to cold as well as hot water, it is important to ensure that your flooring does not warp. Ceramic tiles do not get deformed with this constant exposure to changing temperatures and hence are the perfect option for bathroom tiles.

    5. Ceramic tiles are not only suitable for residential bathrooms, but can also be used in the commercial bathrooms. The commercial quality ceramic tiles can ensure the durability even when there is high foot traffic in the area.

    6. Ceramic tiles do not fade with wear and tear. Like many other floorings that might lose their color, ceramic tiles are more durable in this regard. It does not lose its color easily and hence does not look old even after years of installation. In fact, if maintained properly, it will shine like it was installed just yesterday.

    7. Ceramic flooring is very easy to maintain. All one needs to ensure is that as soon as you are done bathing, the bathroom should be wiped clean.

    Ceramic tiles are the best choice for your bathroom and given the varieties of ceramic tiles available in the market, you are sure to find the one that you think will fit in your bathroom perfectly.

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