• [Benefits of Bathroom Renovation]: Why You Should Renovate Now

    Benefits of Bathroom Renovation: Why You Should Renovate Now
    Bathroom renovation is a matter of giving new life to a place where most mornings start. Others prefer to do it little by little while some homeowners opt for a total revamp. Bathroom renovation in San Diego is also a big thing, with households yearning to make their washroom look good. For someone accepting numerous visitors, a dramatically enhanced bathroom gives a nice first impression.

    According to a report from the Housing Industry Association, about 70% of bathroom renovations are done to lavatories age 11-20 years. So if yours are already in this range, it’s probably time to check the pipes and give it a new look.

    However, a massive structural upheaval like this may not be a priority for many households. But if you’re going to think about it, there are benefits to renovating your bathroom. Here is some of it:

    1. Increased property value

    If there’s a possibility that you’re going to sell your house in the future, renovating your bathroom now will increase your property’s market value. It can be up for an extra $4,500-$5,200. Also, a clean and tidy bathroom makes a property more appealing to potential buyers. Homes with renovated bathrooms are also deemed to be faster to sell that those with old washrooms.

    2. Luxurious appearance

    According to studies, we spend a maximum of 2 years and 125 days inside the bathroom throughout our lifetime. That alone is enough reason why you should add a luxurious vibe to your bathroom. You should make bathroom time an enjoyable moment. Not to mention the chance of visitors judging you by how you keep your lavatory, a renovation is a big plus.

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    3. Functionality with less energy use

    By renovating your bathroom, you’ll get to maximize the space based on the things you do most. If you shower more often, you’ll likely to expand on this part. You can also install new technologies that will make bath time faster and fun. You can refer to bathroom remodeling ideas in San Diego for some inspiration.

    One big benefit of a bathroom renovation is energy saving. Although you don’t use the bathroom for hours, the accumulated value of the reduced energy bill will balance the cost of the renovation.

    4. Solved problems

    Is your bathroom mired with leaks and rotting floorboards? Repairs are no longer cost-efficient. Having it renovated will solve the issue for long and you will have a new zest about using your bathroom every day. Fixing the current issues in your bathroom is a good excuse to your spouse why you’re spending for a renovation.

    5. Safer bathrooms

    If you have little kids using the bathroom, renovating it to be child-proof is a must. A lot of accidents at home occur in the bathroom. The floor might be too slippery or there’s no platform for your little one to use so he decided to climb to the sink. Those little things make a difference when accidents strike.

    Bathroom renovation in San Diego isn’t just about vanity. It has its practical benefits and purposes too. You may spend now, but it will be worth it in the long run.
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