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  • How to Find the Professional Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Experts in San Diego, CA
    Bath Remodeling Experts

    Whether you want minimalist, classic, or European kitchen and bath remodeling, you need to hire the best remodeler to do the job. You should work with a remodeling contractor with the right experience and track record of delivering exceptional results. As much as possible, you'll want to look for a remodeler with the following credentials:

    1. Certifications and licenses

    You should only work with duly licensed contractors. Always ask for their permit to operate as well as the individual licenses of the technicians, plumbers, and other workers. This is a guarantee that they will provide work at par with the industry standards.

    2. Excellent portfolio

    A great way to gauge the abilities of a remodeler is to look at their past work. Study the style and quality of their work. You can also ask for referrals and reviews. It's an easy way to review
    May 24, 2020
  • 18 Dreamy Pastel Interiors
    Interior Design Three Studios
     Pale shades that hearken back to one's nursery room wallcovering and to the petit fours of afternoon tea aren't just sweet anymore. They're also trending: in eyeshadow shades, loungewear, and, of course, interiors. Enjoy these 18 scrumptious spaces in a spectrum of pastel hues.

    1. Three Studios Interprets Rococo Masterpiece for Ayla Boutique in Lebanon

    Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s 1767 “The Swing” is a Rococo masterpiece that not only pushed the boundaries of propriety but, some 250 years later, continues to inspire designers like Nabil Dbouk and Ali Basma of the Lebanese firm Three Studios. The pair looked back to the painting—and to a passion for pastels in the early 20th century—for the interiors of Ayla, a women and children’s apparel store in Tyre, a seaside city in
    Apr 30, 2020
  • [Informative Ideas] on How to Choose and Install Kitchen Hardware
    Sometimes people have trouble coming up with design and style ideas to remodel their kitchen. In case you are in need of some custom kitchen design ideas for remodeling, all you have to do is get help from our kitchen remodeling experts in San Diego. They will help you discover the array of options available for kitchens.

    Our kitchen remodeling experts can design, create and install everything that you can dream of. We handle everything from cabinetry, to your shower area, to even the flooring! Our kitchen remodeling experts will be with you at each step during the transformation process of your kitchen to provide you with all the answers that you need.

    5 Day Remodel will help you perfect any kitchen by creating your very own personal look while also providing all the required resources to achieve the look you have always wanted. Our
    Dec 28, 2018
  • [Benefits of Bathroom Renovation]: Why You Should Renovate Now
    Benefits of Bathroom Renovation: Why You Should Renovate Now
    Bathroom renovation is a matter of giving new life to a place where most mornings start. Others prefer to do it little by little while some homeowners opt for a total revamp. Bathroom renovation in San Diego is also a big thing, with households yearning to make their washroom look good. For someone accepting numerous visitors, a dramatically enhanced bathroom gives a nice first impression.

    According to a report from the Housing Industry Association, about 70% of bathroom renovations are done to lavatories age 11-20 years. So if yours are already in this range, it’s probably time to check the pipes and give it a new look.

    However, a massive structural upheaval like this may not be a priority for many households. But if you’re going to think about it, there are benefits to renovating your bathroom. Here is some of it:

    1. Increased property

    Nov 27, 2018
  • [Expert tips] for planning a kitchen renovation
    Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your home and to raise its value, but only if you go about the process properly. Kitchen renovation experts love to explain the importance of selecting the right materials and choosing the right enhancements to make in your home.

    It’s easy to think that you can just upgrade the things that you feel like upgrading, but when you are trying to get the best results for your money, this is not always the case. Kitchen renovation in San Diego is not always a simple as it might sound. Often, you need expert advice regarding what to do and what to avoid during the kitchen renovation project.

    It's vital to keep the following things in mind:

    Plan: Plan ahead of time. Kitchen remodeling experts suggest you plan everything. Ask yourself questions and make sure you know
    Oct 15, 2018