• Five Popular Cabinet Door Styles For Kitchens of All Kinds


    The kitchen is likely the most noticed room in your house when company comes over because everyone loves to gather in the kitchen for food and fellowship. The different styles for kitchen door cabinets are the most important factor in its decor, as they are the most visible element when you are designing your kitchen. You can design trendy kitchen cabinets for your house that vary from simple to elaborate door styles. Kitchen remodeling requires detailed information whether you are working on a limited space or you have a large kitchen area. So, knowing the importance of kitchen door cabinets, you should have detailed knowledge about the same as they make your kitchen look elegant and beautiful.

    The various cabinet door styles are as follows:

    1. Shaker kitchen cabinet door style

    It is the most common style for designing your kitchen cabinets that emphasizes on simple, solid and long-lasting furniture detailing. By using this style, you can make your kitchen look traditional or contemporary. This style enables you to use wide variety of wood and also give you options depending upon your budget.

    2. Inset kitchen cabinet door style

    It is the most expensive style but at the same time give your kitchen a classic look and lasts for generations. It comprises designing of cabinets inside and the cabinet doors rest outside the frame. These doors are constructed with accurate measurements so as it fits appropriately and there are no problems in opening and closing the cabinet doors. The budget is high as the frame itself adds to the cost of cabinet.

    3. Distressed cabinet door style

    This style is suitable to those homeowners who want their kitchen to look antique. The labor required to achieve this look makes them a pricier style than others. The main elements of this style is that the corners of cabinets are lightly sanded off, door surfaces are stained and many other distressing techniques are also involved to give a vintage look to your kitchen cabinets. The main benefit of this style is that if any stain occurs, it will not be as visible and also you can choose from any elevated or settled door style you want.

    4. Flat cabinet door style

    It is a simple but a stylish approach towards designing your kitchen cabinets doors. In this style, flat doors are used which is either in wood or in decorative laminates. It involves hard lines and uses minimalistic approach leaving no space between the cabinets, thus gives your kitchen a contemporary and modernized look. Laminate comes in trendy colors and are more budget-friendly.

    5. Louvered cabinet door style

    This style adds to architectural beauty to your kitchen. In this style, horizontal wood panels are used to design the cabinet doors that are mostly used to design windows. The cabinet doors have space between each wooden panel that makes it a great cabinet design style that ensures proper ventilation of the cabinetry. The workmanship required makes louvered styles more expensive than others.

    In case you are planning kitchen remodeling in near future, the simplest idea to give your kitchen a new feel is to change the kitchen cabinet doors. From simple to sophisticated kitchen renovation ideas, these styles will surely help you to design your kitchen to fit your imagination.

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