• How to make old kitchen cabinets look new

    Kitchen cabinetry is one of the most expensive components of your house. Cabinet construction and cabinet remodeling should be done by someone who has knowledge and experience. Bringing old cabinets to life will save you money and give your home a new vibrancy. Installing new cabinets or remodeling your current cabinets will add value to your home by making it more appealing to future buyers. So, whether looking to go through kitchen remodeling in San Diego or bathroom remodeling in San Diego, 5 Day Remodel will do all the kitchen or bathroom remodeling work with best concepts and designs.

    You can add style and functionality to your cabinets at a cheap rate by doing the following:

    1. Painting cabinets

    Always consider painting old cabinets with a fresh coat of glossy, simple or semi-quality paints. For the best results, always seek the advice of kitchen remodeling experts for your particular cabinet remodeling expectations.

    2. Changing the door’s accessories

    Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts in San Diego suggest not to change the entire physical door, but changing knobs and other hardware can give your old cabinetry a new look with more functionality. There is a large selection of hardware that you can use, from minimalistic, thin door knobs to more decorative and curvy knobs.

    3. Adding glass doors

    Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts in San Diego also recommend changing solid doors of your cabinets with glass doors in your kitchens and even in your bathroom. Consider putting decorative dishes and fancy items in these glass cabinets as they can give a more charming look to your kitchen.

    4. Adding under or over lighting

    Our remodeling experts believe that adding light to your kitchen and bathroom will improve the ambiance of either area.

    5. Adding amenities to existing cabinets

    To add a fresh look to your old cabinets, add amenities such as wine shelves, plate racks, open storage, and display shelves.
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