• [Informative Ideas] on How to Choose and Install Kitchen Hardware

    Sometimes people have trouble coming up with design and style ideas to remodel their kitchen. In case you are in need of some custom kitchen design ideas for remodeling, all you have to do is get help from our kitchen remodeling experts in San Diego. They will help you discover the array of options available for kitchens.

    Our kitchen remodeling experts can design, create and install everything that you can dream of. We handle everything from cabinetry, to your shower area, to even the flooring! Our kitchen remodeling experts will be with you at each step during the transformation process of your kitchen to provide you with all the answers that you need.

    5 Day Remodel will help you perfect any kitchen by creating your very own personal look while also providing all the required resources to achieve the look you have always wanted. Our kitchen remodeling experts specialize in all kinds of services like cabinetry, room additions, painting, flooring, window coverings and more!

    Some of the services that we provide are:
    Free kitchen design services
    Independent installers
    Start to finish project management
    Quality materials and installation
    Same day/ next day consultation availability
    Flexible payment options
    Labor is guaranteed and backed by our one-year labor warranty

    5 Day Remodel will help you complete all the phases of your kitchen project with our skilled and professional employees. Our very talented designers have strong track record of successfully creating thousands of kitchen designs. Our kitchen remodeling experts are dedicated to creative designing quality to provide you with the kitchen that you have dreamt of.

    With 5 Day Remodel, you can save up to $2500 off on your kitchen services. Just call at 619-338-0081 and find out how. You are also guaranteed free in-home estimates and design consultation for your kitchen remodeling project.

    kitchen remodeling ideas san Diego

    As kitchen remodeling experts San Diego CA, we ensure that we will focus on every detail from cabinetry, shelving, colors, and more. Here are some of the details that will transform your kitchen into an exquisite spot for the chef in the house.

    Color customization

    Looking for kitchen remodeling ideas San Diego? Cookie-cutter kitchen designs are long gone but with the addition of new colors, your kitchen will have a new personality and look. We will provide you with limitless palettes so you can choose the right shade that matches your style. Such color customization applies to your cabinets, countertop, and tile colors among others.

    Open shelving

    Do you have precious dining pieces you want to flaunt? It’s time to have open shelves then! Open shelves can complement your cabinetry plus it will imbibe a sense of space. Also, you can take the utensils displayed easily and put it in use. Although this isn’t a necessary addition, there’s no doubt that this is a glamorous idea.

    Transitional styling

    If you have an old kitchen, transitional styling is the best way to blend it with contemporary touches. This is a constant option for many kitchen remodeling experts San Diego CA due to its impeccable and timeless look. We can place traditional shaker doors, ornate chandeliers, marble countertops, or just simple flat black hardware.

    Multiple finishes

    Do you give more value in aesthetics? Due to the advancements in kitchen designs, you can now have multiple finishes in your kitchen for an affordable price. From weathered grays to warm browns, you’ll have a great time choosing what suits your countertop, cabinets, floor, and so on. It helps us, kitchen remodeling experts San Diego CA, make the process more fun than stressful.

    kitchen remodeling experts san Diego ca

    Clean aesthetics

    If you’re not the type who wants excessive decorations and details, we also offer simple yet clean finishes. As kitchen experts, we can bring modernization even with limited colors and material options. In fact, minimalism is becoming a trend in many kitchens nowadays. It’s a good way to make space in your kitchen without compromising the beauty of your cooking area.

    Smart tech

    As more and more technologies reach our houses, it’s now possible to put some in your newly renovated kitchen. If you have the budget, we can install a modern cabinet complete with a charging station or wireless devices where you can view recipes or explore connectivity. There are also accessories like device holders to modernize your kitchen.


    Have you put too much salt on that pesto? Or did you miss how many dashes of pepper you’ve used? Many homeowners underestimate the value of proper lighting. Our kitchen experts know exactly how to bring the shine into your kitchen by placing under-cabinet lighting and improving the overall ambiance of your cooking area. Aside from better food, you’ll also clean your stuff properly with added lighting.

    These kitchen remodeling ideas San Diego are just some of the things 5Day Remodel can do for you. Call us now and we’ll plan your kitchen renovation right away!
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