• Kitchen Improvement Tips – Types of Countertops

    Brand is only one factor. Material choice is important as well. It’s never been better time for countertops selection. Once, countertops were available in only a limited number of colored laminates. Now, you can find hundreds of shades, colors and designs with different textures in materials are ranging from natural stones, acrylic sheets, and quartz composites and stained concrete. A few of the most popular countertop materials are natural stone, solid surfaces, plastic laminate, ceramic tiles, wood and concrete. Kitchen countertops are more valuable and efficient.

    Whenever kitchen renovation comes in your mind, it always make wide assumption that will going to cost you plenty, but the truth is, smart kitchen renovation stays within budget and increases the home's value dramatically. Consider these basic tips on kitchen renovation.

    - A well-planned kitchen renovation can reduce your risk of loss and will definitely improve functionality and efficiency. And also, kitchen renovation involves analysis of available spaces and give ideas on how you can improve or maximize space in kitchen. Many homeowners choose outlets hidden below countertop and kitchen cupboards.

    - One of the simplest and smartest way to reduce kitchen clutter and spare countertop damage is installing sliding cutting boards, which will also give new look according to your space.

    - Generally, countertops made of a natural material are easy to maintain as scratches may be buffed out, compared with manmade materials such as veneers. They cost less, but homeowners may have to put up with flaws over time. Counters made of concrete and recycled glass, salvaged wood or other irregularly patterned materials hide flaws.

    - Metal countertops provide incredible durability and head and microbe resistance; however, they show water and fingerprints.

    - Granite, wood or concrete countertops can lend a warm, rugged appearance. With the right sealing agents, these can last a long time at a cost lower than marble.

    - Marble countertops provide classic beauty. Though scratches and stains can mar their appearance, with a few precautions, you can enjoy their traditional elegance for years.
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