• Latest Trends in Kitchen Flooring


    Kitchen flooring options have grown to become more interesting decade after decade. A kitchen is no more the boring room of the house with the least sense of design. Of course, the functionality and utility of a kitchen has increased dramatically. But the kitchen is also where the family gathers and shares love, warmth and, of course, food. With a few new flooring trends, your kitchen can receive a complete makeover, which will make your family enjoy it even more. Consider these latest kitchen flooring options to make your kitchen look better than ever.

    A few companies imitate the look of expensive tiles like travertine and sell it at a budget-friendly price. This is a good option for your kitchen as it camouflages minor spills and crumb on the floor. If you choose a neutral shade, then you can add splashes of color with the other décor in your kitchen like the curtains, linens and accessories.

    Wood flooring is and has always been a popular flooring option, It gives you hat warm, rustic feel. It is also highly durable and can sustain high amounts of traffic. It also makes the kitchen look neater and tidier. But you have to make sure that when your wood floor installation is done, that you apply a protective finish to guard your wooden floors against moisture. With this finish, your floors will last for at least 15 to 20 years.

    Ceramic floors are another favorite option and have been the trend for a while now. They are durable and easy to maintain. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and are resistant to scratches, dents and any kind of stain.Ceramic tiles need a stable subfloor or else they pose the danger of cracking. The best part is that ceramic tiles can also imitate the look of hardwood. You get the durability of ceramic with a hardwood appearance.

    Porcelain tiles have become the latest trend in the past couple of years. Porcelain floors have a pretty look and are as durable as other floors. They come in various shades and tones. Porcelain is the ideal option for people on a budget.

    The next trend is corkoleum flooring. This is the most eco-friendly option that has gained wide popularity in the past few years. It is eco-friendly linoleum made with non-toxic cork. Many people these days wish to "go green" and for those people, this is the best and most convenient option. It is also budget-friendly. The demand for commercial flooring that meets LEED standards has aided lowering the price of green residential flooring.

    These are the trends for flooring for kitchens. You can choose the best option for yourself depending on your budget and taste.

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