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Dare to dream! 5 Day Remodel specialists can help you perfect any room, create your unique personal look, and provide all necessary resources to accomplish your desired decor. We specialize in all types of Remodeling services including cabinetry, room additions, whole house remodel, painting, roofing, flooring, window coverings and more! Our very special, custom design team has been assembled to meet the needs of today's most sophisticated homeowners and design professionals.

Our group provides the highest quality, best resources available in home building materials, products, and services for either their upcoming luxury remodel or custom home projects.

Bathroom renovation in San Diego

You spend hours inside your bathroom each day. It’s just right that it’s a place where you can seek comfort and relaxation. Our bathroom remodeling service will transform your bathroom into a place where you can refresh and rejuvenate.

Bathroom remodeling is actually one of the most common home renovations. It will improve the appeal and functionality inside your home. Here are 5 Day Remodel, we can provide the best bathroom products as well as plumbing, installation, and renovation services.

Kitchen remodeling in San Diego

Kitchen remodeling is also a wise investment. San Diego kitchen remodeling will customize the features of your kitchen based on your lifestyle.

You can choose from a variety of designs and materials that you want to be installed on your kitchen design San Diego. From countertops to 3D remodeling, kitchen remodeling experts San Diego, CA will provide everything.

Kitchen renovation San Diego will increase the value of your property. It will make it easier to prepare meals and do chores.

kitchen remodeling ideas san Diego

Why 5 Day Remodel?

Here at 5 Day Remodel, we never run out of kitchen remodeling ideas San Diego for your home. Together with our kitchen remodeling experts San Diego, CA, we will transform your bath and kitchen into stunning spots inside your home

We are always committed to achieving 100% satisfaction among our clients. Our personalized service together with our unwavering dedication to quality makes us the leading bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts San Diego, CA.

Whatever ideas you have in mind, our designers here in 5 Day Remodel are ready to work it with you. Because above all, your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priority.

How We Differ From Our Competitors in Bathroom Renovation

Why 5 Day Remodel? Unlike our competitors in European kitchen and bath remodeling, we offer the best guarantees for our work. This way, we can give our customers peace of mind that their investments are always protected. Here’s why we’re better than our competitors:

We’re there from the start to finish

Our bathroom remodelers will stay with you from the beginning up to the end of the project. If you have concerns about the installation, our after-sales are here to cater to your call.

We are the leader in design

We take pride in our roster of color and material options that are exclusive to our customers. Our designers work with the homeowner to ensure that we will achieve the look, feel, and functionality that they want.

Express delivery

As bathroom remodeling experts in San Diego, we deliver all our remodeling projects for a maximum of 10 days. This is so you can enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom fast sans the downtimes.

Custom projects

Our team also offers custom projects depending on what our customers need. Unlike other providers that will install generic fixtures and designs, we will tailor fit everything for your home.

We partner with you

Here at 5 Day Remodel, we recognize that you know your home better than we do. This is why we consider you as partners in the remodeling process. This way, we can also guarantee your satisfaction.

45 years of unmatched expertise

We are a team of seasoned and experienced remodelers. Our business is founded on 45 years of unmatched experience. No other San Diego remodelers can top that.

Advantages of Hiring European Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Experts

Do you want to spruce up your bathroom and kitchen? You must hire European kitchen and bath remodeling experts to do the job. Unlike other styles, European designs bring functionality and aesthetics to a whole new level.

With this design, you’ll get marble counter-tops, natural stones, textured laminates, and more. It’s a sophisticated choice for your bathroom and kitchen.

The best thing about European bath remodeling experts they offer minimalist designs without compromising the function. It has a modern-looking flair that appeals to a lot of homeowners, much so if you're planning to sell your home.

Instead of window screens, European kitchens have shutters to let more air inside. Cabinets are also frameless in European-style kitchens for a more modern look.

If you're looking for bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts in San Diego, CA, don't hesitate to call 5 Day Remodel. We are professional remodelers who can get the remodeling done in just five to ten days.

What to Look for Before Hiring Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services

Ask for a quote

Before you sign the contract with a European kitchen and bath remodeling provider, you must ask for a quote first. This will let you assess the cost and adjust things to fit your budget. You should also check what’s included in the contract with a complete breakdown.

Check their experience

When it comes to European kitchen and bath remodeling, you need a team with an intensive portfolio. Here at 5 Day Remodel, we have been proudly serving California since 1974.

Look for warranty

The remodeling contractor should have warranty coverage for the parts and labor of the project. This is to protect your investment against faulty installations.