• Remodeling Your San Diego Kitchen [18 Easy Design Ideas]

    5 Day Remodel is located in the heart of sunny San Diego, California. Clearly, we specialize in the home improvement field, but today our focus is on specifically the space where you are spending a lot of time in, your kitchen. What we strive to do is get your renovations done in 5 days. Sounds pretty amazing if you have ever been through a remodel before during a home improvement project. What you can expect while remodeling your San Diego home with us is the ability to create the remodel of your dreams with our extensive resources, staff, and contractors that are remodeling experts in the San Diego area. Our team of dedicated professionals will manage the project entirely from start to finish. We provide you with all the necessary services for your remodels ranging from the design, supplies, and of course the installation. We leave nothing undone. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation to get you on track for your next remodel.

    At 5 Day Remodel, we will help you perfect the home of your dreams. Whether you are in a new construction phase or simply remodeling your old space. With you and your insight, we will create your very own personal design, and we will provide you with all the resources you need to get everything done promptly and efficiently. Our kitchen experts specialize in all kinds of services like cabinetry, room additions, painting, flooring, windows and much more. We will satisfy the needs of even the most sophisticated homeowners and design professionals.

    We understand how a simple remodel of your kitchen can uproot your life. Things can get messy, disorganized and out of hand quickly. Check out some tips here to keep a kitchen organized during remodel. We are here to ensure that the remodeling process of your San Diego kitchen is a breeze in 5 days.

    With the best interest of your San Diego kitchen remodel in mind, we wanted to cover some of the hottest kitchens remodel trends that we are noticing for the quickly approaching 2018 year for your home.

    18 Design Ideas For Your San Diego Kitchen Remodel:

    1. Open up space, upgrade, and update. If you have an excess of kitchen cabinets, especially the upper cabinets, you should consider opening up space by using some shelves as storage space. Proving this display space can make a smaller sized kitchen feel larger. Open shelving can also make a kitchen feel clean, neat and organized. You should install the shelves around the same height as a standard upper cabinet. About 18 inches above the countertops. Check out this DIY shelf design for some ideas.

    2. Always upgrade appliances. Often times the quickest way to get an updated feel in the kitchen is with the installation of new appliances. The most popular kitchen update is typically installing stainless steel black stainless or silver that are energy efficient. Upgrading your appliances not only calls for a better look for your kitchen remodel but you can notice the difference in your utility bill as well. Check out some ranges with double convection ovens, with new range/hood technologies. Consider installing a fridge in your kitchen that is energy-star certified, and a water-saving paneled dishwasher. 

    3. Update your cabinets hardware. This can often be easily done with old cabinets to clean them up and look new again. Maybe consider applying a fresh coat of paint as well. Don’t go cheap on your hardware for your cabinets. It’s like buying jewelry for your kitchen. You wouldn’t buy cheap jewelry for your significant other, so you shouldn’t be cheap with your kitchen’s jewelry. Upgrading your hardware can be an easy task that can make an old kitchen feel new again. You should use a mix of knobs and pulls for the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen.

    4. Try to not avoid the ceiling. You should consider adding a fresh coat of paint at the minimum. Try to add a texture or a pop of color to the kitchen’s ceiling during a remodel. Depending on what your taste and style are of your kitchen, we may recommend some sort of paneling on the ceiling the upgrade the overall feel of the space.

    5. Don’t lack a backsplash. A kitchen that is remodeled without a backsplash can feel incomplete, and poorly designed. We feel that every kitchen should install a backsplash during a remodel, and don’t forget they are not just for looks. They serve an important purpose. We have noticed that the clients that end up not using a backsplash end up with watermarks and stains on the wall space in between the counter and cabinets or shelves. A very popular style choice for a type of backsplash is a subway tile. There is so much variation that can be found with subway tiles. They vary in shape, size, texture, and color. You can add a pop of color to the kitchen with subway tiles or keep it simple with the plain white. Either way, we have noticed they look good and the best part is that they are inexpensive and easy to install. 

    6. Countertops. Update the countertops of your kitchen during your remodel for an upgraded look. This is one of the most fun parts of a kitchen remodel. We will guide you in the right direction based on what style of the kitchen remodel you are going for. Countertops do not always have to be expensive. There are alternatives for your countertop that are affordable and look good. In an example, we have done butcher block countertops that can be purchased at our local flooring store in San Diego, and they always turn out looking amazing and adding some natural colors to the overall look of the kitchen. Some other popular types of countertops are laminate, marble, and granite. There are many variations of countertops and we will ensure that you choose the right type of counter for your lifestyle and preference.

    7. Let’s Paint. Don’t forget the paint. During your San Diego kitchen remodel you should always paint. Whether you are upgrading the kitchen or doing a complete remodel, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. If you are on a tight budget, a quick coat of paint in the kitchen or on the cabinets can be one of the most budget-friendly ways to revamp your kitchen.

    8. Consider a light and bright design pallet. Of course, this is completely your choice as to what colors you would like to use in your kitchen, but what we have noticed is that the light and bright pallet for a kitchen design is the most appealing to our clientele. The light and bright materials are often quickest selling materials in a kitchen remodel. A popular design is a kitchen with shaker white cabinets and light greys with a pop of color. Light and bright doesn’t just mean painting. We are referring to the actual light fixtures in the kitchen as well. The lighting can add an updated look to any kitchen. Using LED lighting in the light fixtures as well as under and above cabinet lighting are all good ideas. We have noticed also that a popular trend is lighting that is inside the cabinets to showcase your finer dining sets or glassware. This form of lighting is an impressive one to people and any kitchen remodeling expert will explain that impressive lighting is key in the redesigning of the space.

    9. Custom Shelving. This can be completed by your kitchen remodel crew. If you are doing a butcher block or laminate-style countertop, you can have your kitchen remodeling contractor create and install some shelving that matches your countertops. Or check out this DIY video for farmhouse style shelves.

    10. Think about the sink. Believe it or not, your choice of kitchen sink can be a major decision. We always like to consider sinks that are flush with the countertop or mounted below for a clean look. What a popular style sink is right now in our San Diego area kitchens is what is known as a farm or apron-front sink. These sinks are deep and have a large open design to them that allows you some space while you are doing dishes are entertaining a party. To add a luxurious option to a farm sink you should consider having us install a motion sensor faucet.

    11. Storage space, built in. We can add custom storage space in your kitchen to suit your needs. Some floor to ceiling wine storage added to the side of a fridge for a built-in look or adding storage space inside an island is a couple of good ideas to eliminate some dead space.

    12. Organize it. The most beautiful kitchens always seem to be the best-organized ones. Organize your drawers, lazy susans, and pantry for a clean feel. Check out some of these brilliant kitchen organization ideas that you can do after your kitchen remodel to keep it feeling newer for longer.

    13. Spice up your kitchen. This goes hand-in-hand with the #12. You should make every inch or storage space in your kitchen count and make sure everything is organized and easily accessible. Organize your spice cabinet with door-mounted shelves. This will create more storage space for other items in your kitchen for after remodeling.

    14. Chalkboard in the kitchen. This is a super easy feature that can be added to any kitchen to create a customized feel. You can purchase a chalkboard and mount it to the wall, or simply paint one on the wall to display your creative notes, recipes, and more. Check out this DIY video on how to paint a chalk wall.

    15. Use jars. to help you organize things and make your pantry look neat and organized. Print your own labels that you can use on your canisters and jars to make your pantry look more like a pantry than a grocery store.

    16. Rack up your pantry. You should consider adding wire shelving or other kinds of shelving in your pantry or other areas of your kitchen to promote storage space throughout your kitchen and allow there to be less dead space. Thus creating a more clean and organized feel to your kitchen.

    17. Make a cozy breakfast nook. If you have space for one, why not? A breakfast nook that is installed correctly and designed to match the rest of the kitchen adds a unique edge to your kitchen design. Not only does it give you a comfortable area to hang out with your family, but it allows you additional storage space where you would not normally have it. If you design your nook with benches around a table, you can turn those benches into additional storage space for those bulky kitchen appliances like crockpots, large blenders, toasters, and oversized oven pans or serving dishes that wouldn’t normally fit in standard cabinet space.

    18. Flooring is key. When redoing any kitchen, think about updating the flooring as well. Consider porcelain tiles that have the wood-look. Those are popular in the San Diego area and hold up well to traffic and spills that occur in the kitchen. This type of flooring will give you the look of hardwood, with the durability of tile. Who wouldn’t want that? Consult with us today to get some great flooring ideas. 

    Are you interested as to what 5 Day Remodels can offer you for your kitchen remodel in San Diego? Check out our home page of our website where we are offering deals, and showcase our past work. If so, we would love to hear from you. We are happy to stop by and get some ideas flowing for your design and style. We have several local connections to help you customize your home any way you would like during the remodeling process. We want to alleviate the stress that comes along with a remodel and make it a quick and easy process for you. We would love your business. Give us a call at anytime!
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