• Simplicity Rules Kitchen Designs For 2017

    Manufacturers say that out of all the areas of your home, the kitchen adds the most value. The kitchen operates as the heart of a home and is a place where we cook food and enjoy good times with friends and family. In 2017, kitchen trends are quite simple and cheaper than they were before.

    Some of the latest kitchen trends are:

    1. Quartz: Upgrading laminate to quartz is something a lot of people are doing in 2017. Quartz is seen as a luxury kitchen surface and is a natural stone.

    2. The industrial look: The industrial style is one of the latest kitchen trends that has become popular in 2017. This style includes exposed bricks and pipes, rustic material and so on.

    3. The liner kitchen design: The look of the inner liner is something people are starting to care about in 2017. We now see handless doors that are plain to achieve a modern look. The finish is usually gray or neutral earthy colors and glossy.

    4. Clutter-free worktops: Clutter-free worktops are becoming a more common aspect of a kitchen design. It creates a lot of space in the kitchen and gives you a clean surface on which to prepare food. Clear worktops can also create the illusion of a larger kitchen.

    5. Quality storage solution: The latest kitchen trends show that people still prefer to hide small kitchen appliances.

    6. Monochrome tones: Tones are associated with three colors: black, white and gray. They can work to varying degrees, whether it's all of the cabinets, worktops or appliances. The tone you choose needs to be compatible with the other accessories in your kitchen design.

    7. Range cooker: Many people want a range cooker in their kitchen design. Range cookers bring a whole new dynamic to the home.
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