• The 7 Latest Bathroom Trends for 2016

    The bathroom is an area of concern in your house if you are either buying or selling a home. Constructing or renovating your bathroom is a big investment and a time consuming process, too. In the process, you need to think about the budget, the designer and your bathroom "wish list" so that there is a clear vision of what your space will look, work and feel. If you need an inspiration and direction to how to design your bathroom, the following latest trends can help you.

    The seven new bathroom trends that involve all the latest bathroom designs and are best suited to newly designed bathrooms are as follows:
    1. Metallic
    Metals have been a major trend for past so many years but it won’t be falling by the wayside for many years to come. Metals put style to your bathroom with a hint of glamour to it. It contrast with natural materials and beatifies your bathroom by making it bright and offering a polished look. Metals with matte and satin finish are especially popular. Brushed stainless steel and brass might takeover this year.

    2. White
    White can give your bathroom a new finish when we talk about bathroom fittings. Instead of black, white can give more soothing and fresh look to your bathroom. Using white fittings with contrasting black or a tiled wall will definitely create a striking appearance in your bathroom.

    3. Creative tile patterns
    Patterned or geometric tiles have been hugely popular for past so many years and continue to create its space with different tile tastes. A classic design with tiles can give your bathroom a chic appeal. Tiles that can create unusual patterns give an enduring appeal to your bathroom and make it more attractive.

    4. Duckboard flooring
    Duckboard is something that is used to construct boats but nowadays it is also used to make bathrooms, also. It gives the bathroom a tactile finish with more warmth and pleasure. Also, duckboard wood provides extreme indulgence while standing barefoot. Its natural feel appeals to many homeowners.

    5. Natural finish
    Wood gives your bathroom a natural finish but other materials such as natural stone or river rock has come up this year to give a new, natural finish to your bathroom. These natural materials can be used in flooring and walls and on vanity tops.

    6. Square-shaped fixtures and showerheads
    Square and angular shaped designs are hot this year and emerge as very and eye-catching. Squares are becoming popular for home décor and are well suited in bathroom décor as they go well with modern, contemporary and transitional bathrooms as well.

    7. Bathrooms with shower seats
    In the past, showers were used in an upright standing position. But this year, it's quite innovative that bathrooms have a shower seat. In fact, this idea is quite convincing and gives your shower stall a totally different look.

    If you are thinking to plunge in latest bathroom designs, these trends will surely help you in some way.
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