• Top Six Trends For Kitchen Cabinetry Designs In 2017

    Kitchens are the heart of today's modern homes. The year 2017 has brought new cabinetry design trends to the forefront. Take a look at six of the latest kitchen cabinetry design trends that make your kitchen come back to the 21st century.

    1. White fades as gray grows:
    Kitchen cabinet manufacturers say that white cabinets are always in demand, but gray color kitchen cabinetry is becoming more popular. The hottest trend in kitchen cabinetry right now is the combination of soft gray cabinets and richly stained wood.

    2. Opting for new functions:
    The most recent kitchen cabinetry design trends indicate that its time to modify the functionality of your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers should be hydraulic, close easily and fold up and out of the way.

    3. The classic palette color- black and white:
    Old is gold; so is the look of black and white design. The look of the kitchen may change as styles evolve, but the appeal of black and white never dies. It's all about high contrast. The latest kitchen cabinetry design trends suggest that black granite countertops are safe. Warm rustic hardwood floors are a useful counterpoint for sleek cabinet materials.

    4. Fresh hues for sinks:
    Just like the latest kitchen cabinets, sinks are trending away from basic white. An eye-catching green apron-front sink is an excellent way to pop in a small amount of color in a neutral kitchen or make it more of a focal point by using the same hue in the backsplash.

    5. Install bold fixtures:
    Bold colors in kitchen cabinetry don't just create an excitement, but also provides a great sense of depth perception.

    6. Maximize the kitchen storage:
    Kitchen storage is always an issue, especially for an apartment with a small kitchen. Doubling the storage with multi-tiered drawers is one of the latest kitchen cabinet trends in 2017.
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