• What Changes Can Make Your Bathroom and Kitchen Beautify?

    Do you envy the beautifully remodeled bathrooms and kitchens on home decor websites and shows? Their bold tile floors, new fixtures and upgraded cabinets and may attract you, but if you rent, it's not feasible. It's easy to feel discouraged about undertaking any kitchen or bathroom renovation since you won't own it. But you can make a few inexpensive changes that can make your kitchen and bathroom truly beautiful.

    - Change the wall colors. Painting is one of the least expensive yet most noticeable ways to update a kitchen or bathroom. Many landlords will pay for the paint if you supply the labor.

    - Add interesting details. A vintage towel bar in the bathroom, for example, may cost pittance at a thrift store, but adds unique charm to your home. Collect little treasures that appeal to you from wherever you find them. They don't have to all match but as long as you love them, your home will represent you and your kitchen and bathroom will look better than ever.

    - Try a new shower curtain in the bathroom, linens and window treatments. (Store any of these that came with your apartment so you can leave them for the next tenant.) A bold new color or pattern can really make your kitchen or bathroom pop.

    - Improve the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom. Changing a light fixture's globe or shade can literally brighten a room, such as a dark part of kitchen workspace. Or, you could add lighting, such as inexpensive track lighting or under-cupboard lights in the kitchen.

    - Small area rugs can add a luxurious and cozy element to bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, you can always take them with you to your next place.

    - One of the simple and easiest way to upgrade you kitchen is to refinish the cabinet fronts. As with painting, the landlord may be willing to purchase the supplies, such as sandpaper and stain, if you perform the work. (Ask if he has a power sander if you don't have one.)

    - Adding a tile back splash in white subway tiles adds a modern look to the kitchen. Remember, part of kitchen remodeling should include building in practical aspects.

    If you lack the skills to complete these bathroom and kitchen remodeling tasks, numerous free DIY videos online can help you learn how. Many home repair supply stores offer free workshops and employ knowledgeable personnel who are happy to give you pointers on your kitchen and bathroom renovation projects.
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