• What Type of Wood Species is Best for Kitchen Cabinets

    If you have been thinking about renovating your kitchen or have actually started the process, then probably you are already confused about what should you buy and what’s best and the most trendy for your kitchen. Many things can be renovated in a kitchen to make it look attractive, like changing the countertops, flooring or cabinet doors.

    Kitchen cabinets in particular have been dominated by stainless steel and glass materials. In the recent years, wooden cabinets have become much more popular as they give a much needed break from the monotonous usual cabinets. Also, the wooden cabinets provide much needed warmth to the kitchen. They complement the theme of the décor. Wooden cabinets are more durable than the average steel or glass cabinets. Since wood is a living material, its color changes over time and with exposure to sunlight which makes the cabinets look richer. These cabinets are very easy to clean and maintain. Also, in case the cabinets start looking faded, all you need to is polish them to make them look as new as ever.

    There are a variety of wooden species that can be used to make the kitchen cabinets. The most popular ones are:


    This wood comes in a lot of varieties such as hardwood steak, pin and even open knots. It usually does not have any texture and is available in a range of colors from pale red to reddish brown. This wood is not as hard as maple or cherry and can easily dent.


    This is one of the most popular types of wood available in the market. Its grains are very smooth and even which makes it fine to touch. Its color ranges from a light tan blonde color to deep brown. With time, the color can change from golden yellow to deep brown.


    Maple wood is one of the most preferred options when it comes to their usage for kitchen cabinets. This wood, like cherry, has smooth and fine grains. It is available in a variety of patterns and textures, providing a selection of choices to the customers. Unlike cherry, this wood is available in a lot of lighter tones ranging from creamy white to reddish brown. This wood sometimes includes tiny “bird eye” dots and mineral steaks.

    Oak/Rift Oak

    Oak has prominent grains that form straight lines, arches or points over the wood. Various other types of textures found over the wood are warm holes, mineral deposits or even wild-grain patterns. This wood is available in a variety of colors ranging from salmon red to dark cinnamon. This wood gives out a very modern appeal.

    Choose the best looking wood for your cabinets which not only matches the theme of your kitchen but also makes it look richer and more attractive.

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